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Toronto Best Limo provides clients in the Toronto area an unparalleled limo experience. We have a large selection of limos in the Toronto area and provide a great limo experience!

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June 25, 2014

The price was astounding, we spoke with many other companies and had several quotes but nothing even came close to this. They got us exactly what we needed and within our budget.

The Driver was very polite, and assisted us with all our needs. And when we spoke with them on the phone they were very pleasant and made sure that they gave us the best possible price that was within our budget.
I have rented a couple of limos before but they always ended up coming late for the pick-ups, I was very pleased that this company kept true to its timing.

The Limo WAS BEAUTIFUL!! It was in perfect condition and very clean. Needless to say it was a very enjoyable ride.

I would recommend this company for any and all your needs. They have excellent service, and will usually be able to assist you within your budget. I will definitely be using them again!!
June 11, 2014

The driver was on time and got the cheapest rates . I will recommend them to my friends and family
June 11, 2014

They are so professional and they came on time & they gave me the cheapest rate . I will recommend them to my friends and I will use them again .
November 25, 2013

great service, driver very nice, limo looks good, we took great pics, we had a great time
November 5, 2013

i take limousine service almost every month I never had wonderful service as the one i received from Toronto best limo the driver did his best to make us happy the limo was very nice and the hole service was great thank you Toronto best limo keep your great up and i you will see me every month
October 20, 2013

Hi guys,thank you very much for your great service.Toronto best limo is one of the best company in town.While on the ride it feels safe and secure.They have a very reasonable and affordable prices and it comes with a style and very accomodating driver.Thanks again guys.
October 8, 2013

Thank you very much guys for the amazing service i received from your company last weekend i loved the high-end sound system in the limo we really arrived in style thank you again
May 29, 2013

I called and made a reservation over the phone. I was never advised about their cancellation policy.

When I tried to cancel the reservation the next day, I was told I would be charged 30% of the entire fee, even though I was cancelling with 14 days notice and just 24 hours after I made the reservation.

I explained this to the man on the phone when I canceled, but he said I should've read the website where this was stated. I didn't see this anywhere on the website. I wouldn't have booked with them if I did!

They charged my VISA card $78 for cancelling the ride.
July 9, 2013
We apologize but if you check our website you will see that it says 30% cancellation fee we charge this fee because when you call to book your limo we reserve it for you so if we run out of spots for that day anyone else call to book we say sorry we fully booked so when you call and cancel so now we lost your booking and the other customer booking too and that's why you give us your credit card number that show's that you knew about the cancellation fee and here's the link for our website and in the confirmation E-Mail that you got after booking says that too
By: nharrington
October 28, 2013
The exact same thing just happened to me - this company is a scam. They called me and offered a low price and asked for the credit card for security purposes, and for incidentals caused to the vehicle. It was never stated that there was a cancellation fee, and I was never directed to any terms and conditions on their website. When I called to cancel Joe said it was no problem and to just send an email because sometimes people say they wanted the limo and there was complications after the date. It seems the reason he did this was to avoid telling me about a cancellation fee that was never mentioned, or agreed upon, and to use it as a chance to submit unauthorized charges to my credit card. He was extremely unprofessional on the phone, and even went as far as to laugh at me and say "good luck getting the charges reversed". When I asked to speak to the manager he refused to give me a name or contact information, after then hanging up on me. I have since went to the Better Business Bureau and have filed a complaint with my Visa company to have the charges reversed. Do not hire this company. They are unprofessional and misleading, overall a scam.
March 28, 2012

I hired Toronto Best Limo for my wedding 2 weeks ago and i had a great experience. We were late at our pictures location but the driver was very patient and didn't rush us at all and i was surprised that the company didn't even charge us any waiting charges as stated in the contract. Then they drove us to the airport the next day and all the pick ups were on time and the driver was in a very nice professional uniform. overall, everything was great and this review is the least i can do for you guys for the great service we received!
February 16, 2012

I Just like to thank everyone in this company for the free upgrade from 10pass Stretch to the SUV Stretch for the SAME PRICE it was great and all my friends loved the service i already booked again with you guys for next week i hope i can get another upgrade lol
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