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A City Limos is based in Edmonton, Alberta. Our limousines are immaculate and our drivers are experienced. We have several limousines to choose from as well as professional car services for the business community. Do not hesitate to call us.

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July 25, 2012

AC LIMOS - the Limo company we hired was horrible. I will have to assume they have never heard of GPS-Google maps, they called us 2 times to get directions to our house. They arrived 10 mins late-with The WRONG Limo! The car was dirty, windows were filthy and glasses inside were USED not washed! I had to crawl up front and give directions to our destination as he was taking us to who knows where. The driver wasn't given an address to our destination, from his dispatch. Never got out to open the doors for us. The driver was wearing blue jeans!!

I called the owner to complain about the service and was told I was lucky to get the car that I got and he wouldn't be charging me extra!!! Please pass along to your friends and family this is not a professional company!
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